Different Types of Scooters

Different Types of Scooters

There are so many different types of scooters and often when they don’t get referred to by their proper names that it can cause some real confusion. Understanding the basic concept and what they are comprised of can help to clear up some of the discrepancies.

The Moped or the Scooter

Some individuals ride a two-wheel motorised vehicle and call it a moped. Then others riding on the same or similar one may call it the scooter.

  • The Scooter: Most often just called the scooter or the motor scooter. The simple description of it is that it has two wheels. Riders step through the chassis to take their seat and then rest their feet on the platform. They only need a small engine to power them and run on an electrical system. This system is capable of feeding the battery and running the lights and ignition. Performance wise they are easier to ride and handle because of their low speed.
  • The Moped: This is designed more like a bicycle, which is why it is sometimes called the motor-pedal. The moped relies on pedals that are similar to a bike to get the motor running. The engine is smaller than the scooter, and for this reason, they are not normally approved for driving on streets. The engine is only used as a form of assistance for pedalling.

Scooter Versions

Once the difference between the moped and the scooter is identifiable, most adults at least favour the scooter. Which then brings them to have to choose between the many different models. This can refer to models as per manufacturers but also as to categorizing them by performance. Such as:

  • The basic motorscooter
  • The performance scooter
  • The luxury scooter
  • Electric Motorscooters
  • Classic Scooter
  • Mobility Scooter

Being clear on the types of scooters as for their best purposes can help with the decision making of purchasing one. Then there will be other factors that will need to be considered as this is a fairly big decision.


Trends take place with scooters like most products so it can be difficult to determine favourites. A lot of it will come down to personal preferences, based on wants and needs. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to own a scooter if this is a choice of theirs.

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