Safety Tips When Riding a Scooter

Safety Tips When Riding a Scooter

For both newbies and experts in riding scooters, your safety should come first before you think about hitting the road for a ride. Unlike in other rider accidents, scooter riders are at a high risk of getting severe injuries even in accidents presumed to be minor. Being a two-wheeled vehicle, its stability is influenced by many factors; thus even a slight hit while in motion can lead to a severe accident. Indeed, some accidents may still happen even after taking all the necessary precautions, but these safety tips discussed here can help you to reduce the risks of accidents significantly.

Put on the Safety Gear Before Getting to the Road

Putting on safety gear can help prevent injuries in the event of an accident. Nevertheless, in case you sustain some injuries, you can always visit for prompt treatment no matter where you are. Some of this safety gear includes a head helmet, a guard for the mouth, straps for your knees, elbows, scooter footwear and hand gloves which come in different varieties. Dressing appropriately has helped people escape death when they were involved in accidents.

Focus on the Road

While riding your scooter, you need to clearly see what is happening on the road and act swiftly. Due to their small wheels, scooters can easily be destabilised by potholes, small objects like stones, pieces of woods or the wheels can get trapped up by small heaps of sand, and you can imagine the damage that can happen if you bump into such obstacles at high speed. In addition, you need to keep an eye out for wet bitumen, which is usually slippery and can easily make one lose control of their scooter.

Ensure That You Are Visible While on the Road

Scooters are small, and sometimes, lorry drivers may fail to notice them from a distance. It is, thus, advisable to always have your headlights on when riding a scooter. Also, make sure that you wear reflector jackets when riding your scooter at all times. Putting on jackets with bright colours while riding during day time is also a good idea. Moreover, your scooter should have all the light indicators functioning.

Ensure the Tyres Are in Good Condition

Before you start your ride, you need to know the condition of your tyres. You can imagine taking your scooter without noticing that one of the tyres has got a slow puncture and all of sudden it goes flats amidst traffic! That’s why it is good to check for tyre pressure. You also need to check wheel alignment to ensure they are not wobbling and ensure your tyres are not worn out.

As you drive your scooter, remember to remain safe by applying the tips discussed above.

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