Motor Scooter Pros and Cons

Motor Scooter Pros and Cons

Motor scooters have been providing many conveniences and enjoyment for quite a long time. This means that there have been a lot of opinions made about the pros and cons that come with them.

The Pros

The pros are going to depend on which country they are being spoken about. The scooter is a favourite in many different places. They originally were more known and utilised throughout parts of Europe and Asia although their popularity has grown in the US and Canada as well.

  • Main form of transportation:

The motor school can become a main form of transportation for many. It will depend, though as to where they will be used. Based on their low-speed capabilities, they can come with some heavy restrictions as to where they can be used. Newer models are changing this as they can travel faster and in the right environment can be compatible with other forms of traffic. Infrastructure in the cities is what plays a huge role when it comes to transportation issues. This has been recognised as a problem, and one of the solutions that some places are putting in place are bike lanes.

  • Economy

Another positive aspect of the scooters is they can be beneficial economically. As the cost of fuel increases, this puts a big burden on the average person’s finances. A motor scooter is a way to be able to cut down on vehicle expenses.

  • Ease to Handle

A big bonus is the ease of use. A lot of people find handling a scooter is easier than riding a bike. They are lightweight yet still make the rider feel secure. They are easy to steer and manoeuvre so individuals can build their driving confidence with them much easier.

  • Convenient

Although the scooters are so compact riders are able to carry more with them as many of them have a locked storage area that is great for storing all the items that a person may need when out and about with their scooter.

The Cons

Just as there are some great aspects of the scooter there are also some downsides.

  • Flats:

There isn’t much room on a scooter to carry a spare tire and they do go flat at times. It means making sure they are always inspected before each road trip. Also, making sure they are replaced as they become worn.

  • Breakdowns:

It may not be as easy to just stop into a service station to tend to a breakdown. Many of those facilities d not want to include repair and servicing on scooters. Although anywhere that scooters are sold there should be additional access to scooter repair services.

Overall there are a lot more pros to cons.

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